Tuesday, August 14, 2012

you put your hands up

 one would think from the sad state of my blogs that i haven't done anything in forever. truth is- I've been really busy and haven't had any desire to blog about it. i loved to blog and then....well i was introduced to a few bloggers who weren't very nice. i keep track of most of my projects on ravelry, so i haven't kept up with them here. below is some kool-aid dyed yarn i made. love the way the colors turned out. trying to decide what to make for whom. 

 below is my darling princess, ever the model, with my masa bag. it was a CAL, crochet a long, on ravelry. i finished it for the ravellenics.  

some fingerless mitts for monkey, hope she likes them.

my first pair of socks, I'm so proud of me.
the masa bag that princess was modeling above

a ruffle pillow I've been working on for almost a year for monkey
a picture of me in a hat i made for the ravellenics. I've decided i like hats and i want to wear them more, so I'm making myself hats

a star blanket for sprout the sweetness

fingerless mitts to go with my hat
these are a few of the projects I've been working on lately. happy crafting

Monday, November 7, 2011

give it away, give it away now

I'm starting to spin my own yarn, and by starting i mean i have a spindle and some roving. i need now to find some extra time in my schedule to sit down and start. while on ravelry i saw a link to this give away, and everyone loves the chance to win free stuff. the goodies are from here and she has some simply amazing goodies for those of you who are yarnies. she has some amazing rovings and yarn for sale on her etsy site, so go check her out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart

several of my friends are posting daily what they are thankful for on their facebook pages, and i do love thankful lists. i decided that i would try to post a thankful and a pic on my blog daily. this should be quite the challenge for me. since i missed the first day of November i will list 2 things and 2 pics today.

i am so thankful for my children. monkey tried to squish low so i could get all 3 of them in their costumes. my children have taught me so much. they have showed me unconditional love, and that the heart is capable of endless amounts of love. they have taught me how to laugh even when all i want to do is cry. they have also taught me that it is ok to fight for what i believe in and that i should always fight for them and what is best for them.

i am thankful for laughter. they laughed and giggled the whole time we trick or treated. i truly believe that children's laughter is the closest to angels i will hear this side of heaven.

i hope that this November brings cooler temps and love to all of you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

my baby love

i have been crocheting, sewing and knitting like a crazed woman, but i haven't posted anything I've worked on. for those that don't follow my other blog, there have been some HUGE changes in my life. we moved far from the land of happy, and are attempting to adjust. i had an ectopic pregnancy rupture and it was removed in January. found out that we will be blessed with a sweet girl a year to the day that the pregnancy was removed. below are some of the things that I've made for her.

a ruffle hat

a fuzzy blanket

the beginnings of a snuggle bag

a big that i crocheted for her

I've been working on tons of things for swaps, but I'm terrible about taking pics of things i make. I've made several aprons, a few shawls, several hats, fingerless mitts and other items. hope you are having a crafty week

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baby i love you

a friend of mine is having a baby today, and i made this little hat for her new little man. i hope she likes it. i found the pattern on ravelry and it links here. check out some of her other patterns.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

slip sliding away

i found this pattern a while back and really wanted a pair, but i've been a bit busy with other projects. i decided that i wanted to make something for me for a change, i know it sounds selfish and maybe it is. so i started them on monday night while the hubby played fable II on the xbox. i finished them tuesday night while he was playing rainbow six on the xbox. i didn't have time to work on them during the day, so it was strictly a project for the evening.

they fit perfect and i love them. it was nice to make something so quick, and strangely i don't feel selfish after all. hope everyone is crafting happy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

hey mr. postman

that's right i am officially postal. orientation is in two weeks, then i begin my part time gig. sorry for the delay for my thankful post, but yesterday was.....exhausting. this week has been particularly exhausting. it is very late for me, so i will get on without any further ado.


1. being an adult- my oldest is entering into that...hormonal stage in every woman's life. sometimes i forget how difficult it was to transition from a child into a woman. I'm glad I'm done with that stage in life.

2. still believing in magic- it surrounds us everywhere, don't believe me? look at the fairy below. i caught a glimpse of her at the botanical gardens.

3. having options- more changes may indeed be heading for casa de finch in the near future. it is nice to have options available.

4. the outdoors- another place that magic abounds.

5. good chocolate- my bestie invited me to a dove chocolate party a while back and the delicious chocolate makes me happy. just a piece every once in a while makes me all giddy.

6. my kids- we went to jump and jive a while back and the two younger finches were thrilled to have a picture taken with the mascot.

7. laughter- i love the sound of children laughing. this week there was much more screaming than laughing, so it is good to remember how much i like the sound of giggles.

8. family trips- at least to places we like going to. where the drive isn't too long. this was a great trip, just look at those smiles.

9. my bed- love my tempurpedic bed.

10. the wonder of a child- every once and awhile i get to see life through the eyes of a child, and it always amazes me.