Tuesday, August 14, 2012

you put your hands up

 one would think from the sad state of my blogs that i haven't done anything in forever. truth is- I've been really busy and haven't had any desire to blog about it. i loved to blog and then....well i was introduced to a few bloggers who weren't very nice. i keep track of most of my projects on ravelry, so i haven't kept up with them here. below is some kool-aid dyed yarn i made. love the way the colors turned out. trying to decide what to make for whom. 

 below is my darling princess, ever the model, with my masa bag. it was a CAL, crochet a long, on ravelry. i finished it for the ravellenics.  

some fingerless mitts for monkey, hope she likes them.

my first pair of socks, I'm so proud of me.
the masa bag that princess was modeling above

a ruffle pillow I've been working on for almost a year for monkey
a picture of me in a hat i made for the ravellenics. I've decided i like hats and i want to wear them more, so I'm making myself hats

a star blanket for sprout the sweetness

fingerless mitts to go with my hat
these are a few of the projects I've been working on lately. happy crafting