Friday, June 25, 2010

hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin

these are the little aprons that i made for the twins birthday. i bedazzeled c's on the front of the aprons for the girls. they turned out so good, and they went perfect with the kitchen set that they got for the birthday.

i have been whipping these little washcloths in my tv watching time.

loved the color of this bag hated the bag. the shape is starting to grow on me.

these grocery bags are so much fun to make. so far i've made 3 of these. two are in the brown varigated and one in the yellow.

her heiness all decked out in her finery. the beautiful hat i made for the hubby, and the bag is the one i made that i'm still not sure of.

so that's what i've been doing lately. the beanies go together so quickly. the bags are mostly chains and single crochet, so they are super easy and fast.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

jump shake your bootie

i have been in crafter heaven lately. i have been making booties and bags by the dozen, well not really a dozen, but a lot of them. the pic below is of one pair of booties i made for my brother's coming bundle of joy.

i also made a hat that was the same shade of green to go with the booties. the set was so precious. not as awesome as the Aggie set i made, but close. i made a pair of maroon and white Maryjane booties and maroon hat. i have made several market bags too. this coming Saturday i will be heading to the big city of Amarillo to participate in the WWKIP event that a local ravelry group is doing. i do apologize for the lack of posts, but things are crazy busy around these parts. i hope to hear from anyone soon.