Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart

several of my friends are posting daily what they are thankful for on their facebook pages, and i do love thankful lists. i decided that i would try to post a thankful and a pic on my blog daily. this should be quite the challenge for me. since i missed the first day of November i will list 2 things and 2 pics today.

i am so thankful for my children. monkey tried to squish low so i could get all 3 of them in their costumes. my children have taught me so much. they have showed me unconditional love, and that the heart is capable of endless amounts of love. they have taught me how to laugh even when all i want to do is cry. they have also taught me that it is ok to fight for what i believe in and that i should always fight for them and what is best for them.

i am thankful for laughter. they laughed and giggled the whole time we trick or treated. i truly believe that children's laughter is the closest to angels i will hear this side of heaven.

i hope that this November brings cooler temps and love to all of you.

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mzzterry said...

beautiful kids, i love their smiles. what a blessing for them to know you are always on their side and you will fight for them.

i agree with what you said about children's laughter, it is a wonderful sound.

i look forward to your list of thankfulness.