Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baby i love you

a friend of mine is having a baby today, and i made this little hat for her new little man. i hope she likes it. i found the pattern on ravelry and it links here. check out some of her other patterns.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

slip sliding away

i found this pattern a while back and really wanted a pair, but i've been a bit busy with other projects. i decided that i wanted to make something for me for a change, i know it sounds selfish and maybe it is. so i started them on monday night while the hubby played fable II on the xbox. i finished them tuesday night while he was playing rainbow six on the xbox. i didn't have time to work on them during the day, so it was strictly a project for the evening.

they fit perfect and i love them. it was nice to make something so quick, and strangely i don't feel selfish after all. hope everyone is crafting happy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

hey mr. postman

that's right i am officially postal. orientation is in two weeks, then i begin my part time gig. sorry for the delay for my thankful post, but yesterday was.....exhausting. this week has been particularly exhausting. it is very late for me, so i will get on without any further ado.


1. being an adult- my oldest is entering into that...hormonal stage in every woman's life. sometimes i forget how difficult it was to transition from a child into a woman. I'm glad I'm done with that stage in life.

2. still believing in magic- it surrounds us everywhere, don't believe me? look at the fairy below. i caught a glimpse of her at the botanical gardens.

3. having options- more changes may indeed be heading for casa de finch in the near future. it is nice to have options available.

4. the outdoors- another place that magic abounds.

5. good chocolate- my bestie invited me to a dove chocolate party a while back and the delicious chocolate makes me happy. just a piece every once in a while makes me all giddy.

6. my kids- we went to jump and jive a while back and the two younger finches were thrilled to have a picture taken with the mascot.

7. laughter- i love the sound of children laughing. this week there was much more screaming than laughing, so it is good to remember how much i like the sound of giggles.

8. family trips- at least to places we like going to. where the drive isn't too long. this was a great trip, just look at those smiles.

9. my bed- love my tempurpedic bed.

10. the wonder of a child- every once and awhile i get to see life through the eyes of a child, and it always amazes me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

what you're doing now

or as it could be titled why i haven't been doing much blogging. i'm doing a secret swap on ravelry. the theme is tea/coffee. this is the handmade/big item i am sending to my lady. sure hope she likes it..

the rollup case for crochet hooks. found the pattern here.

i filled it with hooks, yarn needles, scissors, and a retractable tape measure

the teapot and spoon clasp to close it

those danglies are crochet stitch markers, that i made.

i didn't make the beads, i bought them at oriental trading company.

aren't they cute

when i was younger i beaded all the time, and it is nice to get back to it. working with these beads has me wanting to start my lampwork bead making up.

sorry he's blurry. i just thought he was so cute he needed a picture of his own

it is a little coffee mug

this is the prototype that i made for me.
i hope you enjoy what you see i will send this and the rest of her box off tomorrow. take care and until next time....

Friday, June 25, 2010

hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin

these are the little aprons that i made for the twins birthday. i bedazzeled c's on the front of the aprons for the girls. they turned out so good, and they went perfect with the kitchen set that they got for the birthday.

i have been whipping these little washcloths in my tv watching time.

loved the color of this bag hated the bag. the shape is starting to grow on me.

these grocery bags are so much fun to make. so far i've made 3 of these. two are in the brown varigated and one in the yellow.

her heiness all decked out in her finery. the beautiful hat i made for the hubby, and the bag is the one i made that i'm still not sure of.

so that's what i've been doing lately. the beanies go together so quickly. the bags are mostly chains and single crochet, so they are super easy and fast.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

jump shake your bootie

i have been in crafter heaven lately. i have been making booties and bags by the dozen, well not really a dozen, but a lot of them. the pic below is of one pair of booties i made for my brother's coming bundle of joy.

i also made a hat that was the same shade of green to go with the booties. the set was so precious. not as awesome as the Aggie set i made, but close. i made a pair of maroon and white Maryjane booties and maroon hat. i have made several market bags too. this coming Saturday i will be heading to the big city of Amarillo to participate in the WWKIP event that a local ravelry group is doing. i do apologize for the lack of posts, but things are crazy busy around these parts. i hope to hear from anyone soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a crafting we will go

welcome to my crafting blog. i am a self taught knitter, crocheter, and most other crafts. i hope this blog will allow me an outlet for all my crafty endeavors. i am currently working on several baby blankets, washcloths, scrubbers, an owl, and many other projects. if you're reading this leave a comment. i will post later when my darling finches are sleeping, so til then happy crafting.